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Erde Chronicles is the name of the series hosted by this wikia, written in a novel format with the best writing that the founder could scrape up from an old community of writers on the internet. It revolves around a group of people of various origin and power and their endeavors to rid their world of the villains, death and demons that plague the world of Erde.

"It was an average night for a while. Just a plan for a heist from the castle at the north end of town. It wasn't supposed to be anything important. Just a jewel.

And, like some people often are, I was wrong about that.

I had no idea exactly what that crystal was. Nor did I have a clue about what it could potentially draw me, a thief, into that would've been involved with something pretty far-spread. Like the sake of most living things. I don't want to do this, but I hate my gut for telling me to help these other five out on this 'Quest to save the world'. Isn't it posible to do good things without being cheesy?"

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Book 1

The adventures in the first book of the trilogy chronicle the interactions of a demon hunting organization and its goals with the people around the world who range from common thieves to not-so-common magic users. A man who dreams rises from the dust of the world, a boy who steals for a living learns of the world and himself, and war boils in these Chronicles of the Earth.

Book 2

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Book 3

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